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Crystal Angels & Ascended Masters

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  • Started Jul 25
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Would you like to deepen your connection with angels, archangels, and ascended masters? Do you love crystals? Or would you like to learn how to actually work with your crystals? Are you looking to begin a meditation practice? Do you long for connection with like-minded people on their spiritual paths? In Crystal Angels & Ascended Masters, you can experience all this and more. This monthly class will accelerate your learning and deepen your connection with angels and ascended masters, as well as help you learn how to work with your other spirit allies. We are at an exciting time in our lives on this planet. Well on our way to the next Golden Age (expected to be in full swing by the year 2032), we have all begun experiencing the effects of the transition into 5th dimensional frequencies. Some are feeling it more than others; however, we are all in the throes of the transformation, whether or not we feel it or know it. Illumined beings from all over the multiverse are joining in to assist us in our ascension process. As crazy as it may sound, we are being aided by angels, archangels, ascended masters, unicorns, dragons, elementals, and galactic beings, as well as our ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over. All want to be a part of this magnificent transformation that is taking place on Planet Earth. In addition to the spiritual beings that are working with us, the allies that are here with us on Planet Earth are stepping up to help. Wild and domestic animals, plants, trees, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans, crystals, and more … all of the elemental forces are giving us messages and bringing us lessons to hasten our ascension into 5D. Whether you’re well on your path to ascension or new to this whole process, you will benefit from this exciting adventure of discovery, enlightenment, and mastery.

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