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Reiki Individual Sessions

1 Hour session - $100

80-Minute session - $120

1-hour Distance session - $100

When you book online, you will have the option to schedule an

IN-PERSON session at 6310 W Plantation Lane in Boise OR a DISTANCE session. Call or email for additional times not listed in online booking or for more information. 

Email or call 312-316-5236

Email or call  773-957-3154

Click here to contact Jenny OR Kelly. 

Reiki Individual Sessions


Reiki is a technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. Reiki treats the person’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body as a whole. Reiki is powerful, yet wonderfully gentle and nurturing. 


Reiki helps us navigate life’s challenges with grace while we learn to listen to and be present for others in a compassionate space. Compassion is the ultimate healer, and as Reiki focuses on helping us remember our universal connection to all things, the more we practice, the deeper our healing can go. 


Reiki principles automatically set the healing intent as positive and works independently of any religion or spiritual belief system.


During a treatment, the recipient remains fully clothed, and the Reiki practitioner directs healing, nurturing energy through her hands by applying light touch, or no touch if the client prefers. The energy does not come from the Reiki practitioner; Reiki is Source energy that uses the practitioner as a conduit, or delivery system, to bring relaxing, loving, healing energy to the receiver. Receiving a Reiki session feels like warm, gentle sunshine flowing through the body.

Also, during your treatment session, your chakras may need some clearing. Chakras are energy centers located in the human body.  Each individual chakra corresponds to organs and glands in a particular area of the body. It is believed that these energy centers are the store holders of your emotional experiences. These centers can become blocked with the stress of everyday life. If a center becomes obstructed, your emotional, mental, and physical well-being may suffer. Regular clearing can enhance the energy flow of your chakras. 

Through a process of guided meditation and placement of healing crystals, your chakras can be re-aligned and balanced so that you're better equipped to handle the challenges of a busy world.


During a Reiki session at The Peace Room, you will enjoy not only the healing effects of Reiki energy, but also the added benefits of the Amethyst BioMat, which is a therapeutic mat used on The Peace Room Reiki table. The core of the BioMat technology is a combination of far infrared rays, negative ions, and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. Relaxing the body's muscles helps to relax the mind as well, allowing the client to be more open to receive the healing Reiki energy.


The US FDA’s Medical Device 510K indications for use of the BioMat are as follows:


  • Relaxation of muscles

  • Increase of local circulation where applied


Temporary relief of:


  • Minor muscle pain

  • Minor joint pain and stiffness

  • Joint pain associated with arthritis

  • Muscle spasms

  • Minor sprains

  • Minor strains

  • Minor muscular back pain

Reiki complements any medical or supplemental healing methods a client may be using and is of growing interest to chiropractors, medical doctors, psychotherapists, psychologists and hypnotherapists. 


Reiki Individual Sessions for Animals

Reiki for animals is the same universal life force energy used with people. It is not something we “do” to animals. As with people, Reiki is shared with animals to help them relax, de-stress, and promote healing. Reiki complements any medical or supplemental healing methods the animal may already be receiving.


Our pets give us unconditional love, thus helping to heal some of our deepest hurts. Consciously and intentionally sharing Reiki with our pets gives us the opportunity to give something to them in return.


As long as we approach the animal with love, we cannot do them any harm. It is important to remember, however, that Reiki is a higher frequency vibration, and it may take time before animals become accustomed to the energy. But when they do, they will seek it out whenever they become imbalanced.

Reiki healing does not involve the administration of any drug, just gentle contact with the animal. Animals love Reiki, and it will work for them.

As with people, an animal’s energy field includes spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Reiki can help to remove energy blocks, thus creating optimum self-healing.


Some of the benefits to pets include:

  • Relaxes and reduces stress of nervous animals

  • Helps emotional issues by creating a place of peace and safety

  • Helps the trauma suffered by lost or missing pets

  • Calms scared, fearful animals


Each Reiki session is different for each animal. Some animals prefer not to be touched, and that is fine. Beaming Reiki energy is equally as effective. In fact, it can be done from a distance just as with people.


Many veterinarians use Reiki as a support in addition to conventional veterinary medicine.


Reiki I & II training
chakra alignment
Reiki Master Sydney giving Reiki to a bird
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